Incorporating succession planning into human capital management

Authored by Allison LeMay

Discussions about the need to strategically address public sector employee turnover through workforce development and succession planning often end without leading to action. Set alongside everyday operational tasks, succession planning becomes the checklist item continuously pushed down the to-do list because it seems too big to tackle, requiring time that is just not available.

In the May 2018 issue of HR News, the magazine of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR), Baker Tilly outlines a process for integrating workforce and succession planning into daily operations:

  • Analyze critical positions and departments and articulate needs before budget season
  • Update job descriptions with core competencies
  • Through performance evaluations, identify talent for succession and build the bench
  • Dedicate resources to training during the budget process
  • During policy and procedure review, optimize market competitiveness
  • Review and repeat

Human resources practitioners should take the lead at each step, steering the organization’s human capital management and collaborating with supervisors and managers whose contributions affect outcomes.

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