Whether you’ve recently been laid off due to COVID-19 or are currently employed and exploring the job market, searching for a job can seem like an intimidating process, especially during this uncertain time. Before you start searching for your next career opportunity, consider some of these tips to make your search more effective and efficient.

Step 1: Get organized and design your plan of attack.

To get the process started, identify the type of job or role you want to pursue, craft your resume and target your approach to the job market.

Step 2: Craft your resume by including an inventory of your skills and experience.

Make sure to tailor your resume to the specific job you are looking to acquire. Need some help getting started? We’ve compiled 6 tips to rock your resume to help you build a professional, visually appealing and relevant resume.

Step 3: If you’re not already on LinkedIn, create a professional profile.

Your profile should include a professional headshot, detailed summary of who you are and what you bring to the table and a list of your experiences. This profile should not mirror your resume exactly – this is an additional marketing piece to help sell your skillset to prospective recruiters and employers.

Step 4: Leverage your network in addition to job boards during your job search.

Not sure where to start? Consider tapping into your network of former colleagues, friends, family, social and professional networking groups and blogs. Your network is more powerful than you know and people do want to help you. Start by sharing an explanation of the type of role that you are seeking and ask what recommendations they might have.

Step 5: This is an insider tip – don’t rely solely on the internet to get a job.

There are thousands of people looking for a job right now. Do your homework on companies you want to work for and make a list of connections that might be able to facilitate an introduction to that company for you. You are more likely to land a job through a personal connection than a job application alone.

Step 6: Be sure to thank anyone and everyone that helps you along the way.

While people innately want to help others, it is important to acknowledge the efforts your network executed on your behalf.

These are just a few of the tips to help you be more successful in your job search. If you haven’t partnered with a recruiter before, consider partnering with a recruiter that specializes in your niche or industry. Recruiters have a unique pulse on the market including open positions and relationships with hiring managers. Overall, just remember that you’re not in this alone. We’ll all get by with a little help from our networks.

For more information on this topic, or to learn how Baker Tilly search and staffing specialists can help, contact our team.

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