How to effectively transform your organization for value-based care

How to effectively transform your organization for value-based care

During a recent webinar, 45 percent of respondents described their primary concern with value-based care programs as insufficient internal reporting and analytics capabilities to enable success within such a program. This likely relates to almost half of respondents stating (in another question) that they are not participating in at least one value-based care incentive program.

Our seven-part webinar series started by defining what your healthcare organization needs to know to prepare a comprehensive value-based care strategy. We wrap up the series by preparing you to transform your organization by taking the following steps:

  • Be aware of value-based care program mechanics
  • Collaborate with payers to improve program performance
  • Tackle legacy systems and implement new enabling technologies
  • Communicate with care teams and patients in a more continuous way
  • Understand that patient experience is a competitive and strategic differentiator

Other topics in our value-based care readiness webinar series

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