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Healthy Outcomes: Special edition – Financial sustainability for hospitals and health systems in a post-coronavirus environment

Many healthcare providers were already focusing their attention on financial sustainability initiatives before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. With COVID-19 acting as a catalyst for struggling hospitals and health systems, it is more important than ever that healthcare providers continue to look forward by identifying, correcting, and improving financial problem areas within their organizations.

Listen to Baker Tilly and other leading industry specialists for an on-demand, informative panel discussion regarding how hospitals and health systems can become, or remain, financially sustainable through 2021 and beyond. Topics of discussion include:

  • COVID-19 recovery and stimulus strategy
  • How analytics can be leveraged to identify sub-optimized service line performance and opportunities for rapid improvement
  • How to advance initiatives after determining the best options for revenue optimization
  • How to develop an effective approach to cost containment through a variety of operational approaches
  • How to protect your financial operations by minimizing potential financial pitfalls

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About our guests

Todd Anderson, CFO of Mercy Health

Todd Anderson is the CFO of Mercy Health, a fully integrated health system that has campus locations in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Alan Lieber, President of Overlook Medical Center and Eastern Region Market Leader of Atlantic Health System

Alan Lieber is the President of Overlook Medical Center, an evolving integrated delivery system in North New Jersey that cares for more than 900,000 patients per year.

Glenn Robinson, Retired CEO from Baylor Scott and White

Glenn Robinson is the retired CEO from Baylor Scott and White, the largest health system in Texas with more than 50 hospital locations throughout the state.

Keith Tandler, Vice-President of Finance of Yale New Haven

Keith Tandler is the VP of Finance from Yale New Haven, a five-hospital health system in Western Rhode Island and Connecticut.

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