Healthcare company migrates to unified talent acquisition platform

Client background

Private healthcare company headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, with three main organizations and over 9,000 employees.

The business challenge

The company’s three organizations were operating in siloes due to their detached recruiting and onboarding systems and processes. Specific areas of concern included:

  • Process challenges: With two different recruiting systems, recruiters were not able to share candidates across teams. Manual processes increased likelihood for duplicate entries by HR resources.
  • Candidate experience challenges: Candidates experienced lack of ‘at-a-glance’ visibility of opportunities across the three organizations, confusion over which opportunities were associated with which organization, and slow response time.
  • Onboarding ineffectiveness: HR onboarding resources and hiring managers were spending unacceptable amounts of time onboarding new hires through extensive manual processes in Excel.
  • Reporting and analytic challenges: HR was not able to report to the company’s leadership on onboarding activities and overall metrics across each organization due to the detached systems and manual Excel-based processes.

The Baker Tilly approach

Baker Tilly implemented the Oracle HCM Cloud for Talent Acquisition solution to break down silos and streamline the company’s recruiting and onboarding processes across the organization. The core team partnered on the following key activities and milestones:

  • Baker Tilly applied its proven methodology to analyze the business, current state recruiting and onboarding processes, and identification of pain points with a full gap analysis.
  • Iterative design and build process with multiple rounds of configuration testing to ensure business scenarios and workflows would support HR resources and new hires.
  • Built seamless integrations for the organization’s structure, job templates, users, candidates and new hires using the Oracle HCM Cloud “TCC” tool.
  • Comprehensive knowledge transfer to position core project team for efficient management and implementation of new enhancements and configurations of the system as necessary going forward.
  • A focus on reporting capability for time-to-hire, onboarding compliance, and average time to complete the onboarding tasks.

The business impact

Implementation of the Oracle HCM Cloud for Talent Acquisition modules maximized efficiencies and streamlined recruiting and onboarding processes across the three organizations in a period of 22 weeks and enabled the following key business results:

  • Reduced manual processes: With one system across all business units, many of the manual processes previously performed in Excel have been eliminated and hours of tedious work of manually tracking   ‘to do’ task lists have been reduced. The software’s workflow capabilities automates reminders to candidates, new hires, recruiters, and hiring managers.
  • Improved candidate and new hire experience: Candidates now have one application process and are able to view and compare job requisitions across each organization. A unique Candidate Selection Workflow enables recruiters to easily engage with candidates and know exactly what the next steps are. Communication tools keep resources informed of where they are in the process and what is outstanding.
  • Reporting and analytic capabilities: The company now has visibility via dashboards to key recruiting and onboarding metrics across each organization. Talent dashboards provide a snapshot of the health of their recruiting and onboarding processes in real-time.
  • Improved integration efficiency: Due to integrations now going into only one system, minimal maintenance is required going forward.

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