Governmental authority heads off baby boomer retirements through workforce/succession plan

Client need

With a large share of its workforce consisting of baby boomers, a governmental power authority faced challenges with workforce development and succession planning. The organization was concerned about how to manage institutional knowledge and skillset gaps at a time when its workforce was an average age of 45 years and more than 60 percent of workers were anticipated to retire over the next decade.      

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly and the power authority jointly assessed of the state of the organization's workforce. Based on the assessment, Baker Tilly’s specialized team designed a lean succession planning process that could be managed by the organization without significant change to technology or standard operations. As part of the project, our professionals also provided coaching and implementation oversight to the organization’s engineering and human resources divisions during a pilot succession planning program to:

  • Link strategic goals and priorities with staff planning
  • Project changes to functional areas and the related changes to job requirements
  • Understand workforce capabilities
  • Identify gaps between future job requirements and available workforce
  • Develop a clear plan to address those gaps


Through Baker Tilly’s workforce and succession planning support, the power authority was positioned retain the institutional knowledge of retiring workers, identify changing industry job requirements and plan to close competency gaps for existing employees to ensure a smooth transition in workforce.

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