Global clothing retail company achieves recruiting consistency across its eight brands through Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud

Client background

The oldest clothing retailer in North America, with 480 stores and approximately 65,000 employees around the world under eight leading retail banners.

The business challenge

With the recent completion of a global acquisition, some of the pain points in the company’s recruiting processes were brought to the forefront. They knew as they continued to grow, their processes would only present bigger challenges. They needed to consider more modern talent acquisition processes and systems that would support them and allow them to compete in their expanding markets. Areas of concern included:

  • Gaps in requirements – Newly acquired organizations come with new locations, process flows and requirements. The client needed to find a way to identify gaps and new requirements as they integrated the new companies.
  • Data and reporting discrepancies – With multiple disparate and legacy systems came the headache of trying to report on even basic data like the number of openings per geography or business unit.
  • Poor candidate experience – The career sites of each of the company’s brands presented inconsistent and disconnected experiences. The sites lacked a unified theme from the parent company.
  • Ongoing expansion support – With more mergers and acquisitions expected, the talent acquisition and HRIS functions would need to repeat the process and systems integration, but knowledge of how to execute the integration process from start to finish was lacking.

The Baker Tilly approach

Baker Tilly provided functional and technical expertise, as well as program and change management support throughout the implementation of Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, including the following activities:

  • With a focus on the candidate experience, conducted a comprehensive review of the recruiting and onboarding processes and identified key gaps.
  • After conducting extensive testing and training with end users to build buy in and boost adoption, implemented new standardized processes and systems.
  • Provided detailed knowledge transfer on functional configuration, technical data mapping, and other development activities to empower the client team to maintain and evolve the new technology over time.
  • Developed a merger and acquisition playbook, providing narratives, tools and templates for the client to use as they continue to grow.

The business impact

The implementation of Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud has enabled the following key business results:

  • Global standardization across retail brands – a standardized, streamlined and simplified recruiting and onboarding process provided consistency across all brands and geographies.
  • Access to actionable HR data – standardized processes and consolidation of technologies enabled the organization to create timely and accurate reports; allowing management to make more informed business decisions and improvements.
  • Unified candidate experience – the move to a common platform and a revamped career site improved the overall unification of the brands.
  • The new merger and acquisition playbook provides a guide for the client to leverage for future acquisitions.

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