From bedside to boardroom: creating effectiveness and efficiency in your long term care facility by developing nurse leaders

In May of this year, twenty-three national nurse leaders met in New Orleans for a Nurse Leadership Summit before the annual American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination (AANAC) conference to discuss the state of nursing leadership in long term care. Continue reading the one-on-one conversation with Sophie Campbell, director, clinical advisory services (who also attended the summit as a national nurse leader) to understand why nurse leadership is important.

What was the purpose of the Nurse Leadership Summit?

As we continue to see changes within the healthcare environment, it is important to develop your nurse leaders as they provide leadership to their nursing teams that are responsible for providing the highest quality of care to residents. The leadership summit was the idea of Diane Carter, the president and CEO of AANAC. She hopes to gain support and direction to move nurse leadership from the bedside to the boardroom.

What does this mean for long term care?

Nursing leadership is critical to all providers but especially in long term care because this an area that is changing quickly and is more highly regulated than other healthcare environments

Nursing leadership is more than managing the clinical aspects of resident care in an organization; it also involves analyzing and understanding how the clinical side of the business can impact the financial results for an organization. Further, it involves understanding and implementing the most effective and efficient model of care delivery. Effective nurse leadership can only strengthen an organization.

How should nurse leaders interact with the C-suite?

Nurse leaders should not just interact with the c-suite, they should become part of the c-suite (e.g., Chief Nursing Officer or Chief Clinical Officer). 

There is so much at stake for the residents, for organizations, and for long term care that nurse leaders should participate in the overall management and decision-making process for their organizations.  We believe such participation will accentuate resident care and satisfaction.

What can nurses take away from the initial Nurse Leadership Summit discussions?

Nursing staff, including nurse leaders, are a critical part of long term care organizations and can greatly influence the quality of care provided to residents as well as the financial performance of these organizations. Empowering nurse managers to be leaders will provide for a more satisfying work environment as well as a more satisfying care environment. Additionally, empowering nurse leaders will provide the springboard to empower nurses at all levels in long term care to reach their full potential.


Sophie will continue to meet with the twenty-two other nurse leaders to keep us abreast of the future of nurse leadership within long term care and to bring ideas to enhance healthcare practices. 

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