Expert testimony aids outside counsel in greatly reducing financial impact to large financial institution

Our client’s need

A company’s outside legal counsel engaged Baker Tilly to provide expert witness services regarding False Claims Act, Qui Tam action suit in relation to sales that it had made under its GSA Schedule contract. Outside counsel engaged Baker Tilly to review the relator and the their expert’s alleged damages report to provide an independent analysis of the issues addressed in their report.

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly quickly reviewed the data (invoices, labor hours information, employee qualifications, and labor category information) to understand the charges that were reasonable under the contract, and relied on this data to debunk several of the claims made by the relator and his expert. A Baker Tilly partner was deposed on the matter and provided his expert opinion on several matters related to the relator's expert report while supporting the analysis provided in Baker Tilly's expert report.

Results achieved

Baker Tilly's review of the relator's expert report and our own expert opinion assisted outside counsel in making effective arguments on behalf of their client and greatly reducing the financial impact to the client.

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