End-of-year tax update for insurance organizations

With the passage of tax reform and additional guidance released post enactment, there are many changes that are affecting the tax planning and financial reporting strategies of insurance organizations. Learn about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), the additional provisions and guidance that were released post enactment, and how these changes could impact insurers’ planning and strategies for 2018 and beyond by viewing our on-demand webinar. In addition, this recording also discusses the different components that need to be updated in insurance organizations’ financial statement disclosures.

"Majority of Insurers Not Up to Speed with Additional Tax Reform Guidance"

Key takeaways:

  • An overview of the key components in the TCJA
  • The additional guidance released since the passage of the TCJA
  • The impact these changes have had on insurance organizations
  • The components that need to be updated in financial statement disclosures

Download the presentation >

“57.7 percent of respondents answered “Somewhat" or "No" to a poll question during the End-of-year tax update for insurance organizations webinar on Nov. 15, 2018.”

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