Emerging software company with limited resources seeks out Baker Tilly’s industry and service expertise during acquisition

Our client’s need

Our client, a business-to-business software and technology provider, provides organizations with cloud-based, real-time visual collaboration for co-browsing and screen sharing. The software company was involved in a merger and acquisition (M&A) process when Baker Tilly’s services were sought out by the company’s general counsel. This growing company was resource challenged and its management had no prior M&A transaction experience. The buyer was a large international company with highly sophisticated transaction professionals that were conducting the due diligence. More than 100 of the buyer’s employees were involved in the transaction, whereas our client had a team of less than five management professionals who were responding to the diligence inquiries.

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly’s transaction advisory and tax teams worked seamlessly together with the company’s counsel, CEO, and CFO, to create support responsive to the buyer’s requests, and to identify potential diligence issues and solutions. The issues ranged from complex accounting and tax matters to international transactions. We assisted our client in assessing the issues and appropriately responding to deal issues proactively.  

Results achieved

Baker Tilly’s specialized experience with emerging and high-growth organizations, knowledge of the software and technology industry, and Valued Business Advisor approach helped our client successfully complete the transaction.

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