Effective succession planning series part I - Preparing for the future: creating a succession plan


One of the many challenges of running a business is planning for the future. Whether you wish to eventually sell your company or transition it to the next generation, succession planning should be a key component of your strategic plan. Now is the time to begin thinking about your future and that of your business. 

Part I of our succession planning series will prepare you to begin laying the foundation of an effective succession plan.  We will be offering a high-level, holistic view of business succession planning options, including both the sell-side and family succession. In addition, we will cover the results of the Baker Tilly International worldwide succession planning survey as a benchmark for the importance of acting now. This unprecedented survey included feedback from nearly 2,650 persons across 56 countries in nine languages.

Key learning objectives

  • Succession planning basics
  • Selling your business
  • Transitioning to new ownership

Download the presentation: Effective succession planning part I