Cybersecurity Threats to Higher Education

Cybersecurity Threats to Higher Education

Institutions of higher education are exposed to a broad range of cybersecurity threats. Because of the vast amounts of data colleges and universities transmit and manage, they are especially susceptible to data breaches, phishing scams and other threats. Collaboration among internal audit and the IT function is critical to monitor and mitigate an institution’s unique risks.

This webinar will share the typical threat actors and vectors that institutions face, and how stakeholders throughout an institution can use various tools to improve the effectiveness of their cybersecurity program. We will discuss how institutions position risk mitigation strategies and how internal audit can serve as a resource.

Key Learning Objectives:

Attendees should be able to do the following upon conclusion of the webinar:

  • Recognize common cybersecurity threats to higher education institutions
  • Understand opportunities to involve internal auditors throughout your institution to contribute to cybersecurity program enhancements
  • Leverage existing tools and practices, as well as new considerations, to further manage cybersecurity threats

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