HR reinvented at Creighton University with Oracle Talent Management and Talent Acquisition Cloud

Client background

Creighton University is a Jesuit University in the Midwestern United States with more than 8,000 students. It is a forward-thinking organization with a highly effective and collaborative team of professionals and leaders who are committed to success and excellence.

The business challenge

Creighton used disparate HR systems to store employee data, manage their goal setting, performance review and compensation processes and to hire talent. Talent reviews and succession planning were completed and managed manually. This led to inefficiencies in HR processes and provided limited visibility into the institution’s talent. With talent acquisition, the team dealt with high candidate drop-off rates, an extended time to hire and no way to consistently manage and leverage their best source of talent - current employees.

The Baker Tilly approach

In an effort to reinvent the way HR supports the university and enhance its HR processes, Baker Tilly replaced Creighton’s existing systems and implemented the Oracle Talent Management Cloud (OTMC) and Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud (OTAC) applications.

Creighton and Baker Tilly teams partnered throughout the project to understand the unique business requirements for all employee types and design a future state that would support and enhance the mission of Creighton University.

Talent review matrixes were implemented to provide a visual reference for managers and HR leaders to easily view employees’ actual performance level, potential level and risk of loss.

The business impact

With the implementation of OTMC, Creighton was able to roll-out goal management, performance reviews, talent profile, talent review and succession planning.

As part of the talent review implementation, the university can now easily gauge the health of its leadership talent pipeline and attain a broad view of the profiles and readiness of leaders.

The OTAC implementation addressed some of the most unique challenges facing the Higher Ed community – from engaging search committees, to managing career sites and reference checks, to creating offer packages and onboarding new hires. Creighton is now able to support two very different hiring processes for staff and faculty members.

With OTAC, Creighton moved search committee involvement earlier in the process – streamlining the hiring and approval process and resulting in positions being opened and posted more quickly.

To address different timing requirements Creighton now has a redesigned application process that is unique for staff and for faculty positions.

The new automated onboarding process provides a consistent onboarding experience for all new hires and improved internal practices.

The Taleo Social Sourcing application enables Creighton staff and faculty to refer open positions, use campaigns to source hard-to-fill positions, and use job alerts to share positions.

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