Concluding on the right note

You have had a good interview, developed a nice rapport with your interviewer, and enjoyed an intelligent exchange about the company and position responsibilities. Now it is time to conclude the interview on the right note.

Restate the position responsibilities and ask if your conclusions are correct. Tell the interviewer how your qualifications have prepared you to solve the critical challenges of the job. List the reasons why you are a great fit and explain how your attributes match their needs.

Dispelling misconceptions

Begin this discussion by asking, “Do you think I am a good fit for this position?” This will allow the interviewer to state any drawbacks they perceive and allow you to dispel any misconceptions. It is easy enough for miscommunication to occur, so ask to make sure they are clear about what you can bring to the position.

If the interviewer has the opinion that you are lacking in a critical area, point out relevant experience or a counter strength. If you are inexperienced in a critical area, have an answer prepared. Be sure they understand your willingness to learn new skills, and give an example of learning quickly and easily while adjusting to a new setting.

Ending the interview

Do not prolong the ending of your interview. Let the interviewer know how interested you are, and how much you appreciate their time and the opportunity. Let them know you look forward to meeting with them again.

Don’t let the end of the interview become awkward. Do you want the position? Then ask for it!

Showing interest

If you want the position, ask for it! Believe it or not, it is common for a company to pass on a great candidate due to a perceived lack of interest. Ask them for a second interview or whatever comes next in their process. Ask when you can expect to hear from them.

Handling an offer, or lack of

If you are made an offer, accept it only if you are ready. You do not have to accept on the spot. You should consider the position, benefits, and company fully prior to accepting. If you have additional questions about the position or benefits, this is the time to ask for clarification. Keep clear communication with the company throughout the process to ensure they do not perceive your delay as a lack of interest in the position.

If you are not made an offer, do not be discouraged. Typically, offers come after review of several candidates. Be sure you have addressed any remaining concerns the interviewer has and that you have their contact information so you can follow up.

Whether or not you receive an offer, send a thank you note to each person you interview with at the company. This can be a short, simple note that states your appreciation of the opportunity and their time. Even if you do not obtain the position, you may have opportunities with this company in the future.