• Top tax issues facing life sciences companies

    Life sciences start-up companies face many tax-related issues. The items noted below are not all-inclusive, and not all companies will face all of these issues or opportunities. However, even in years when companies incur no tax liability because of operating losses, proper planning is important to maximize the future benefits of current investments. These issues are not unique to life sciences start-up companies, but in combination, they are not commonly incurred in other industries. Ignoring the future benefit of considering these opportunities may have significant impact on future cash flows of the company during a time that cash should be utilized for expansion and growth.
  • Do your homework

    Brewers wanting to create an impact with retailers and connect with consumers must build a fully integrated plan in collaboration with their distributor partners.
  • Cybersecurity Disclosure Act of 2015: What you need to know now

    The proposed Cybersecurity Disclosure Act of 2015 has provoked discussion about the role of the Board of Directors in cybersecurity oversight and board member knowledge and awareness of an organization’s cybersecurity management program. Baker Tilly outlines the potential impacts to boards and what’s important to know now.