• Update from REITWise 2015

    The National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT) held their annual REITWise conference in Phoenix, Ariz. The latest accounting, tax, and economic issues impacting real estate investment trusts (REITs) were addressed over the course of the conference. Highlights from some of the committee meetings and sessions are summarized.
  • Are you performing a “tax physical” for areas of your business taxes?

    If you hear a commercial about your health that catches your attention, you probably call your doctor. After all, your health is very important. Right? Now think of this article as a commercial for the “health” of your business taxes. How much thought are you giving to that? Whether you realize it or not, even though the economic environment is improving, federal, state and local governments are scrambling to find additional tax revenue in order to minimize their budget deficits. As such, they have stepped up audit enforcement to try to capture more tax revenue. This article contains areas you should perform a “tax physical” on to see if they are in general good tax health.
  • Restaurant investors secure $30,000 applying the 179 deduction

    Through researching alternative depreciation methods and applying specialized tax knowledge, Baker Tilly determined that our client, a trust with an 33 percent ownership investment in a local restaurant, could capitalize on a substantial cost-saving 179 deduction that is typically disallowed by trusts.