• Several business groups ask for delay in FASB’s credit losses standard

    With less than a year before publicly traded companies must start applying the FASB’s new credit losses standard, several business groups led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce asked the SEC and the board to delay the effective date of 2020. The banking industry in the past several months has been lobbying for a delay to no avail, and now business groups that represent all industries have banded together in the hopes that the FASB will change its mind.
  • Coalition asks for disclosure requirement on greenhouse gas emissions from renewable energy

    A coalition of investors and investment advisers recently asked the SEC to write a rule that would require public companies to disclose greenhouse gas emissions from renewable energy. With rising concerns about climate change, the coalition said companies that manufacture and sell biofuels often make dubious claims that the biomass products reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the group believes that clear guidance from the commission would bring consistency and comparability to the information.