Automotive supplier improves its disaster recovery preparedness with Baker Tilly business continuity risk assessment and impact analysis

Our client’s need

An automotive supplier sought assistance with executing a business continuity risk assessment and business impact analysis to assess the exposure the company had to a disaster or disruptive event.

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly performed business continuity risk assessment and business impact analysis across the organization. Baker Tilly evaluated business criticalities, reliance on key IT systems and potential weaknesses due to the operations and lack of redundancy of key operations. Baker Tilly ultimately delivered a business continuity assessment report which outlines key business criticalities, and existing gaps that would prevent the organization from continuing operations if various disasters or scenarios occurred.

Results achieved

The organization used the Baker Tilly business continuity gap assessment to take a look at existing locations, processes and operations, and review the business continuity gaps. A few scenarios that were shown to the organization exposed critical failure points, where operations would not be able to resume for months, which would result in huge customer fines and potential failure of the organization. Information used in the assessment was utilized by management and the board to make recommendations on remediation plans to address the existing gaps.

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