An integrated health system sees Baker Tilly as a true business advisor for audit, tax and consulting services

Client needs

An east coast integrated health system offering a wide range of healthcare services looked for a true business advisor for audit and tax services. Allied Systems Integrated Health System (Allied Services) turned to Baker Tilly for assistance more than twenty years ago. Since the first engagement, its business model has evolved. During this evolution, the client turned to Baker Tilly for strategic and operational guidance in various areas.

Baker Tilly solutions

Baker Tilly has become the “go to” healthcare business advisor for Allied Service on a year-round basis.

Communication is a key part of the relationship. Both the Allied Services and the Baker Tilly audit teams communicate throughout the year to ensure appropriate accounting treatment for new and/or unusual issues and transactions. 

Our tax team guides Allied Services on the ever-changing requirements for not-for-profit organizations, ensuring the organization does not jeopardize its tax-exempt status.

Our consulting team has become a valuable resource Allied Services. Our consulting services have included assisting with the new Community Health Needs Assessment requirement; offering strategic advice related to the repurposing of existing facilities (e.g., converting inpatient rehabilitation space to a transitional care unit to better meet the needs of the community); analyzing medical record documentation in the skilled nursing facility to ensure services rendered to residents were properly documented; providing staffing related benchmarking information for the inpatient rehabilitation hospitals; analyzing the financial performance in the outpatient therapy area and providing recommendations to enhance financial performance; and assisting with the development of a new hospice business line to complement the organization’s service offerings. 

Baker Tilly result

Allied Services has found a “go to” business advisor for its healthcare and business needs. It also has increased confidence that its audit, tax and business advisory needs will be met effectively and timely by working with Baker Tilly. With Baker Tilly’s assistance, Allied Services has been able to accurately account for new and/or unusual transactions contributing to a smooth audit process year after year; effectively protect its tax-exempt status; comply with new regulatory requirements; and better position itself for the future.

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