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The pace of change in today’s healthcare market is accelerating. From the constant uncertainty in regulatory mandates, increasing demands to deliver sustainable reductions in medical expenses and higher expectations for consumer-centric services and solutions, to the growing threat of large-scale disruption from InsurTech and inter-industry mergers and acquisitions, health insurance companies need accounting and consulting specialists with deep knowledge and experience in both healthcare and insurance.

Baker Tilly’s specialized professionals understand the interconnected nature of the key challenges facing our clients. We provide financial health services that establish a solid fiscal and regulatory base by enhancing an organization’s operations through:

This continuous cycle of improvement enables our clients to drive profitable growth.

Financial Health: Tax, audit and risk

To sustainably grow your business, you need a solid base including financial health, compliance with regulations, and clear risk assessment and mitigation strategies. Benefit from our dedicated industry specialized professionals who thoroughly understand your operations, regulations and risks.

Risk Optimization: End-to-end risk adjustment

Healthcare risk optimization is all about accuracy, quality and a prospective view of risk and opportunity. We work with our clients to break down barriers between historical care management and risk adjustment functions, while building a strong foundation of data management, analytics and operational processes that will help them persevere and succeed regardless of environmental, regulatory and market changes. 

Payment Transformation: Fee for value (FFV)

For many of our health plan clients, the shift to fee for value (FFV) is the #1 strategic imperative – yet initiatives to drive towards this objective are led by a variety of potentially disconnected business and clinical organizations. We understand the organizational, data, analytics, and integration (provider, internal, vendor) challenges that face our clients as they work to overhaul their core operations in pursuit of value.

Consumer Engagement: Consumer-centricity

We work with our health plan clients to help them build the right mix of processes and technology to create REAL consumer-centricity. We define the health plan consumer as anyone who is a member today, has been a member in the past, or could be a member in the future. This simple, straightforward point of view helps us push our clients towards building foundational and tactical approaches to engaging consumers.

Wide array of services

Benefit from a wide array of services designed to help you achieve success, including:

  • Defining and building operational capabilities (e.g., enrollment, claims processing, compliance filings, integration with government platforms, CRM / member response, etc.) to drive foundational enhancements to support today’s initiatives or quickly respond to new regulatory mandates,
  • Defining and building new financial risk sharing models to “bend the cost curve” while supporting quality of care improvements,
  • Responding to shifting customer expectations in transparency and access to care, and
  • Addressing the need for a more agile workforce.
Build a sustainable cybersecurity program

Build a sustainable cybersecurity program

Insurance organizations must review their cybersecurity programs now and enact sustainable cybersecurity management that is adaptable to evolving threats and oversight requirements while remaining aligned to the organization's culture and objectives. A sustainable cybersecurity management program – one that is proactive, sound, and aligned to business and organizational risks – begins here.

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Platform implementation for national healthcare payer optimizes risk adjustment revenue

Platform implementation for national healthcare payer optimizes risk adjustment revenue

Global health insurer with more than 95 million customers optimizes accurate risk adjustment revenue for its Affordable Care Act (ACA) population with a custom built internal Risk Optimization capability and platform.

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