Our approach begins with a family business strategy assessment which allows our team to get to know you, your family and your business(es). We spend time with you to learn about the challenges and opportunities your family and business face and what you hope to accomplish in the future.

The family business strategy assessment is a diagnostic tool that evaluates key issues faced by family enterprises across the following dimensions:

  • Strategic growth and value creation
  • Exit strategies and ownership transition
  • Leadership succession
  • Next generation
  • Estate planning and wealth management
  • Family business governance
  • Business continuity
  • Family communication and conflict management

The assessment measures the family enterprise’s readiness for transition as well as its capability to build value strategically. Based upon the results of the assessment, we develop a family business strategy roadmap to help you achieve your family, business and individual family member goals. Your plan could include any combination of the following focus areas based upon your objectives, capabilities and readiness for transition and growth.

  • Family business vision and strategy
  • Family governance
  • Family conflict resolution
  • Family office structure
  • Ownership transition
  • Leadership succession planning
  • Tax strategy
  • Charitable planning

  • Business strategy and growth
  • Operations and improvement
  • Valuation
  • Investment banking (sell-side or buy side)
  • Leadership succession
  • Recruiting / Search
  • Corporate finance
  • Capital sourcing

  • Individual personal planning
  • Next Presidents training
  • Start-up plans
  • Estate planning
  • Tax strategy and returns
  • Retirement planning
  • Private wealth management
  • Philanthropy

Ongoing support and plan execution

Once the plan is finalized, we work with you as an integrated, seamless, service team to help you execute the plans and achieve your family and business objectives.

For more information on this process, or to develop your family business' strategic plan, please contact our family business strategy group team >