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Tuesday talk-through: Validations and stress-testing

In the final CECL Tuesday talk-through on November 15, our experts will be discussing and answering your pressing questions about validations and stress-testing. Some of the common questions we have seen are:

  • What does a validation to my model entail?
  • What does a validation typically uncover that I wouldn’t see otherwise?

We will be answering these and any you may have – no matter how big or small, don’t be afraid to ask! Don’t worry – all questions will be answered anonymously, and you can send in your most pressing questions when you register. If you are curious, it is likely that your peers are too.

If you and your team have enjoyed the CECL Tuesday talk-throughs and feel that we have helped you navigate the many hurdles that are involved with CECL, please let our team know. We would love to get feedback and hear from you!

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