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The hidden cost of inaction

In a world where the pace of change is constantly accelerating, businesses can’t stand still. In order to thrive in today’s landscape, you need to adapt and act. Balancing the existing shortcomings of legacy technology versus new investments can be a risky business strategy. Investing in technology advancements can be perceived as expensive — especially when legacy technology or processes work most of the time. But as organizations look to avoid disruption, the interest paid on carrying that technical debt can be more costly than simply investing in transformational technology.

Join Cindy Bratel, Principal, Baker Tilly Digital and Micheal Herman, Principal, Baker Tilly Digital for a webinar June 28 to learn:

  • The cost of inaction
  • How to conduct a current state assessment
  • How to make the case for digital transformation
  • How to build a road map to get your organization started on its digital transformation journey

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Digital forward: A webinar series

The hidden cost of inaction is part six of a six-part series that will explore a variety of topics across the digital transformation journey and give insight into what your organization needs to know to ensure true, lasting success. Visit the series event page to learn about the previous webinars in the series.

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