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Real conversations: going public via SPAC with Arden Lee, Weedmaps

The recent surge in special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) has the SEC raising a cautionary flag. Is this just a passing speed bump or do SPACs present more challenges than they are worth?

During this webinar, you will:

  1. Hear directly from Baker Tilly client and Weedmaps CFO Arden Lee about his experience having just undergone a SPAC transaction
  2. Receive a brief update on recent guidance issued by the SEC
  3. Learn about critical aspects of governance and internal audit required of public companies
  4. Gain an understanding of common pitfalls experienced by companies going public via SPAC

Who should attend

This webinar is intended for board members and executives considering SPAC opportunities, investors and sponsors looking to learn more about SPACs, CFOs, finance/accounting, internal audit, private company executives and legal professionals.

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