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Leveraging AI and ML to drive value in your organization

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are growing in popularity and importance in all industries, to drive efficiencies across teams, departments, systems and organizations. AI and ML can propel organizations by extracting data, identifying relationships, detecting anomalies and offering higher levels of automation to enhance your existing workforce. Automation can create transformative experiences for both your customers and employees.

Join Dave DuVarney, Principal, Baker Tilly Digital and Tom Puch, Senior Manager, Baker Tilly Digital for a webinar May 17 for a discussion on the major impacts of implementing AI and ML in your organization. We will walk through the process of how you can start your own AI and ML journey and discuss real-life case studies where AI and ML has had a significant impact on data collection and decision-making.

You’ll learn:

  • Where and how automation can be applied to your business
  • The benefits and impacts of automation
  • How to get started and move your AI and ML initiatives forward

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Digital forward: A webinar series

Leveraging AI and ML to drive value in your organization is part four of a six-part series that will explore a variety of topics across the digital transformation journey and give insight into what your organization needs to know to ensure true, lasting success. Visit the series event page to learn about the previous and upcoming webinars in the series.

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