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Leading your organization through transformation

Today’s complex and unpredictable environment necessitates that we learn to operate in a constant state of evolution and change. Preparing your organization to meet the opportunities presented by these changes can not only be an accelerator for growth, it can be the fuel that allows your organization to stand out from the crowd.

Join Amanda Klein, Principal, Baker Tilly Digital and Jessica Drexler, Experienced Manager, Baker Tilly Digital for a webinar April 5, where they’ll share concepts and best practices for organizations looking to improve the success of the transformation initiatives by shifting from a passive mindset of simply managing change to a proactive approach where people are thoughtfully led along a transformation journey.

Regardless of the position you hold in your organization there are steps you can take to drive transformation within your organization. Join us to learn about:

  • Key factors impacting transformation success
  • Mindsets required to lead people through transformation
  • Frameworks and techniques to help you navigate your digital journey

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Digital forward: A webinar series

Leading your organization through transformation is part two of a six-part series that will explore a variety of topics across the digital transformation journey and give insight into what your organization needs to know to ensure true, lasting success. Visit the series event page to learn about the upcoming webinars in the series.

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