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Leadership Perspectives: Real estate strategies for a changing insurance market and evolving building design

COVID-19 has affected many industries, but the real estate industry in particular will see lasting effects.  

As real estate professionals continue business in a COVID-19-impacted world, many segments of projects and businesses may be affected by increased insurance pricing as it relates to property, general liability and worker’s comp, as well as a higher demand for building design changes. With social distancing and an increased concern for health safety, developers may face minor or drastic design changes to fill the needs of their tenants.

In this webinar, specialists will discuss key topics including, but not limited to:

  • Impact COVID-19 has or will have on the insurance market and how owners can mitigate their risks and act for lower rates
  • Design strategies for developers in a post-pandemic world—re-thinking unit space, shared amenities, etc.

Meet your host:

Meet your presenters:

  • JP Kamnikar, Vice President and Account Executive, Lockton Companies
  • Ulises Montes de Oca, Design Principal, Lessard Design

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