Insurance Hot Topics Webinar Series - Insurance regulatory insights: a regulator panel discussion

So far in our 2021 insurance hot topics virtual webinar series, we covered leveraging the use of technology and managing readiness to support transformation. In the third webinar in this year’s series, Baker Tilly Financial Services Partner and Insurance Regulatory practice leader, John Romano, will facilitate a conversation with regulatory and insurance industry professionals.

This webinar will focus on important topics facing the insurance industry today, including ESG, Diversity and Inclusion, climate change, and big data. Panelists will provide an update on current activities in these trending topics, as well as updates from the NAIC’s five work streams. Attendees will walk away from the panel with information that is important now, in order to be prepared for the future.

Learning objectives:
  • Review updates to NAIC’s five work streams aimed to amplify their diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Understand key topics impacting the insurance industry, including ESG, diversity and inclusion, climate change and big data
  • Examine current activities within trending topics at the NAIC and establish preparedness for your insurance organization
  • Malis Rasmussen, MSA, CFE, SPIR, Chief Financial Examiner at Utah Insurance Department
  • Dan Applegarth, Chief Financial Examiner, P&C Oversight, Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
  • Matthew Daly, Managing Director - Head of Corporate and Municipal Teams at Conning

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