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How to execute your ESG strategy with data and cloud technologies

The increased regulatory, compliance and stakeholder pressures for ESG reporting is requiring organizations to produce accurate and complete ESG data. Increasingly, organizations are prioritizing the execution of ESG strategy and reporting, while also taking on digital transformation initiatives. Driving your digital transformation and ESG initiatives forward simultaneously can aid in the automation of processes to help aggregate and standardize your data, ultimately supporting the transparency, reporting, and long-term measurement of your ESG strategy, goals and impact to your bottom line.

Join Mallory Thomas, Partner, Baker Tilly and Ollie East, Principal, Baker Tilly Digital for a webinar June 7 to learn:

  • How to develop and execute your ESG data and reporting strategy
  • How to assess cloud solutions to support your ESG activities, while enhancing ESG data aggregation and reporting 
  • Recommended ESG data governance best practices to avoid common data shortcoming and reporting pitfalls

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Digital forward: A webinar series

How to execute your ESG strategy with data and cloud technologies is part five of a six-part series that will explore a variety of topics across the digital transformation journey and give insight into what your organization needs to know to ensure true, lasting success. Visit the series event page to learn about the previous and upcoming webinar in the series.

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