Digital forward | A Baker Tilly Digital webinar series

How to create a data-driven customer experience in the age of the influencer

Strategic leaders must think beyond just implementing new tools and technologies to drive growth and improve the customer experience. We live in an influencer-led world and customer experience and reaction can make or break an organization. Taking on a digital transformation effort represents a major milestone in a company's history and a giant leap forward in how you operate, innovate and go-to-market while building a company that customers love.

Going deeper means getting past the tools or solution to develop, design and deploy high-quality customer outcomes.

Join Baker Tilly Digital for a webinar March 20 to:

  • Learn why the customer experience is pivotal to the long-term success of an organization
  • Explore ways to create seamless and personalized customer experiences
  • Understand why you should care about what your customers really think and how to measure it long-term
  • Discover how leadership can take meaningful action to drive impactful change across the entire customer journey

Susan Vincent – Managing Director, Baker Tilly Digital,
Todd Wilkerson – Director, Baker Tilly Digital
Jessica Drexler - Experienced Manager, Baker Tilly Digital

Digital forward series

This is part six of a six-part webinar series. Check out our series event page for more information and to view previous webinar recordings.

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