Baker Tilly presents at the Commercial Item Contracting seminar

Federal Publications’ Commercial Item Contracting seminar

Bill Keating, director in Baker Tilly’s government contracting and compliance team, will be presenting the Federal Publications seminar "Commercial Item Contracting".

This course provides an extensive analysis of current developments in the acquisition of commercial products and services by the federal government. It will assist you in learning how to benefit from specialized regulations applicable to the acquisition of commercial items.

The course focuses on:

  • the type of products and services covered by the regulatory definition of a commercial item,
  • the procedures used by the federal government to acquire those items,
  • the terms and conditions used in solicitations and contracts, and
  • the special price analysis methods used to determine that offered prices are fair and reasonable

In addition, there is a discussion of the specialized terms and conditions associated with the $35 billion General Services Administration (GSA) multiple award schedule contract program as well as proven methodologies for marketing commercial products and services to federal agencies.

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