Bona fide service fees and fair market value assessments

Fair market value for global bona fide service fee arrangements

Join Baker Tilly for Federal Publications Seminar's "Compliance for healthcare contractors" seven-part webinar series.  Our specialists will discuss compliance risks, financial impacts and common questions related to federal grants and contracts awarded to healthcare organizations. 

Session seven

Federal Publications Seminars and Baker Tilly will conclude the series with Darren Jones and Samantha Sutherland discussing bona fide service fee arrangements and fair market value (FMV) assessments.

Key learning objectives include:

  • Explore the need for third party due diligence and FMV in global bona fide service fee agreements
  • Understand FMV as a key control in your global anti-bribery anti-corruption (ABAC) program
  • Increase understanding and knowledge of best practices for FMV assessments

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