DCAA Audits of CAS Cost Impact Proposals - 2019 Series

In this upcoming webinar, Drew Lewis and Bill Keating provide an overview of the cost impact process, with a specific focus on the parties involved in the review and audit, along with expectations from DCAA. We will discuss the factors that contribute to a cost accounting practice change and the requirements to submit a Cost Impact, including identifying the change, determining the impact population, calculating the impact and driving toward resolution.  We will touch on many of the key deliverable expectations included in DCAA’s Cost Impact Adequacy Tool and likely areas of emphasis during the audit.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of the Cost Impact process, including parties involved
  • Characteristics of a Cost Accounting Practice Change
  • Understanding the difference between a General Dollar Magnitude and a Detailed Cost Impact
  • Common risk factors to think about that may be raised during  a Cost Impact proposal audit
  • Overview of DCAA’s Cost Impact Adequacy Tool

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