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Empowering healthcare provider performance through data-driven insights

Exploring Service Line Data Signs® for service line performance 

Hospitals and health systems throughout the U.S. are continuing to operate under compressed operating margins, escalating costs and supply inflation, staffing shortages, industry consolidations, changes in insured demographics and a heightened emphasis on care quality. Because of this, it is important for healthcare leaders to take a proactive approach of monitoring the financial well-being of their organization and gaining a better understanding of high and low-performance services lines to know which lines of business could be enhanced for improved profitability and which areas should be up for consideration for possible divestiture.  

Join Baker Tilly for a live walkthrough of Service Line Data Signs,  a unified analytics solution that allows healthcare providers the ability to better understand their high and low-performing service lines as well as gain a better understanding about the financial health of their organization. During this demo, our team will highlight key features that can help you discover, optimize and sustain data-driven insights for your organization to become more financially sustainable through service line performance, including: 

  • Visibility into top and bottom performing service areas, to enhance transparency related to overall service line performance and gain access to actionable insights  
  • Opportunities for cost reduction and tightening expenses, especially within areas of direct, controllable costs 
  • Areas of potential underpayments and increased revenue opportunities 
  • Exploration of service line opportunities at various levels of granularity, including service line, physician and DRG/procedure, allowing for comparisons amongst peer groups or similar services  
  • Better understand top-line trends through drilling down reports into encounter and claim level details that combine disparate expense and reimbursement data into a single source of truth 
  • And more 

Who should attend  

  • C-Suite executives, presidents, VPs, Controllers, and Directors, as well as managed care contracting, finance, and data analytics professionals at healthcare provider organizations 


  • Heather Herc, Director 
  • Brad Gummig, Senior Manager 

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