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Automotive Lightweight Materials USA 2021

Join us at the Automotive Lightweight Materials USA 2021 exhibition and conference June 14-15, where innovators in lightweight materials will meet with leading automotive manufacturers in Detroit, Michigan to explore the latest technologies, techniques, and innovations in lightweight materials development for the automotive industry. Be sure to add our session to our schedule!

Industry 4.0: Gauging your enterprise capabilities and accelerating the power of integration

12:00 – 12:30 PM | June 15, 2021

Agility, adaptability, foresight – just a few of the characteristics that modern manufacturing companies must possess to thrive, let alone survive, in response to evolving market innovation demands, customer requirements and supply chain disruptions. Enter Industry 4.0 and its ability to enable manufacturing to be faster, more efficient, and customer-centric while pushing beyond automation and optimization.

The ascension into Industry 4.0 performance often depends on a manufacturer’s ability to adopt technologies like machine learning and analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT devices, automation – and then scale those capabilities across the organization. While the transition from current manufacturing performance into Industry 4.0 can seem daunting, it is attainable and follows a framework that is within reach for the adequately prepared.

Join Baker Tilly’s mobility and Industry 4.0 leaders in this engaging, interactive session where you will gain greater understanding of such evolutionary framework and how to harness the power of data integration across the Industry 4.0 operating dimensions.

Conference attendees will learn the power of secure enterprise integration and how to bring shop floor and operational costing data together to enhance operational visibility and performance. Further, attendees will gain insights how to best determine the roadmap to move their operational footprint into the higher echelons of Industry 4.0 maturity – and how to execute it successfully, swiftly and with lasting effects.

Meet the presenter:

Jeff Jorge, Principal International Services Practice Leader, Baker Tilly 

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