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A radical new approach to optimizing revenue cycle operations

Webinar hosted by: GlobalCompliancePanel

Revenue Cycle operations has been measure the same way for generations.  With the consistent pressure to do more with less and continue to drive strong operating revenue performance, organizations are being forced to evaluate new ways to streamline work.

While specific tools and techniques will be discussed, we will also review case studies to understand the art of the possible and the positive financial impact these gains will have on a variety of healthcare organizations.

Key learning objectives

  • Evaluating new measurement metrics that provide modern level insight into operational outcomes
  • Leverage new analytic models to quickly identify variances and gain insight to quickly address negative performance
  • Deploy solutions that fundamentally change how revenue cycle work activities are performed

 Who should attend?

  • CFO
  • VP of revenue cycle
  • Managers in revenue cycle activities
  • Select staff employees


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