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A practical guide to DCAA accounting system audits

This is session three of four in the Federal Publications Seminars (FPS) Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) Audits webinar series.

Join Baker Tilly’s John Hindman and Noah Leiden for a one-hour webinar as they provide guidance on how to navigate a DCAA accounting system audit. The webinar takes a lifecycle approach and begins with understanding the different accounting system and associated audit requirements, to supporting the audit process, through audit reporting and corrective action. This course focuses on the practical realities of an accounting system audit by offering tips and tricks to get out in front of audit findings, managing auditor/auditee relationships, avoiding common pitfalls and facilitating timely corrective action if adverse audit findings surface.

This session will cover the following learning objectives:

  • High-level overview of the accounting system requirements
  • Understanding and differentiation of accounting system audit types and associated approaches
  • Developing strong working relationships with DCAA
  • Common DCAA data requests to expect and the rationale behind them
  • Sensitive areas and common contractor pitfalls during accounting system audits
  • Tips and tricks to get in front of potential audit findings and facilitate timely corrective action

Register here for session four of FPS DCAA Audits webinar series.

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