2020 Purdue Road School Transportation Conference and Expo

Join Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors (BTMA) at the 106th Purdue Road School Transportation Conference and Expo!

Baker Tilly Municipal Advisory team members Matt Eckerle and Deen Rogers will be presenting a session on “A capital and financial roadmap for your community”.

In the face of declining or stagnant revenues, communities are forced to be more creative than ever in order to develop new infrastructure or maintain their existing infrastructure. Communities must also recognize the interconnectedness of the infrastructure types within the community and county-wide. This session will address community strategies for comprehensive capital and financial planning, including exploring how decisions on individual projects can impact other priorities of a community. Additionally, we will discuss examples where different governmental units have collaborated to address complex infrastructure needs.

The 106th Purdue Road School brings together federal, state and local agencies to collaborate and reflect on diverse transportation topics. Over 3,000 attendees, this event offers a variety of technical sessions, exhibitors and networking opportunities.  

View the conference agenda here.

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