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As a consultant, you will:

  • Gain technical knowledge across numerous industries and services
  • Review and improve organizations’ policies, practices, and controls to align with their overall strategy
  • Assess business models to implement and achieve organizational goals
  • Develop strategic business processes
  • Engage directly with a variety of clients, ranging from privately owned business to multinational corporations
  • Implement technology solutions to streamline operations
  • Help companies overcome budgetary and regulatory constraints

Take your career in an exciting direction. Baker Tilly’s consulting team hires innovative, highly adaptable graduates with the following majors:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Information Systems/ Technology
  • Industrial Engineering
  • General Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Psychology
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Operations Management

“I really like that I receive continuous feedback. Nothing is left to the imagination about how I am performing – whether it’s praise and recognition or constructive feedback. The friendly culture here makes a difference and I appreciate that feedback is intended to support continuous improvement. Also, the support system at Baker Tilly is impressive. Managers know when to give me room to run with something, but are available when I need guidance, direction, or review. They’re good at pushing people further and providing opportunity. It’s really nice to have that level of trust early in my career.”

— Caitlin, staff consultant