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Pooled Employer Plan Audits

Pooled plan providers (PPPs) meet regulatory requirements with a high-quality, streamlined pooled employer plan (PEP) audit.

Ranking 5th among all employee benefit plan auditors, Baker Tilly's audit experience provides pooled plan providers (PPPs) with the professional service to comply with the requirement for an annual independent audit of your pooled employer plan (PEP) with little disruption to your organization and a seamless transition to audit compliance.

    PEPs are a unique type of multiple employer plan (MEP) created with the passing of the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act. Unlike traditional MEPs that require shared characteristics (such as industry) among the included employers, PEPs allow unrelated employers to participate in a single retirement plan. By pooling their resources, small and mid-sized organizations gain economies of scale that aim to lower plan costs, offer greater oversight and reduce risk for participants.

    PEP audit requirement

    PEPs are subject to an annual audit when the PEP reaches 100 or more eligible employees as of the beginning of the plan year. The plan may exercise the 80-120 rule exemption if the plan meets the exemption’s requirements.

    Baker Tilly’s employee benefit plan audit experience provides PPPs with the professional service to comply with the requirement for an annual independent audit with little disruption to your organization and a seamless transition to audit compliance.

    Baker Tilly ranks 5th among all employee benefit plan auditors (including MEPs) in the U.S., out of more than 6,000 firms!
    According to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)

    Working with key stakeholders, we establish a client service plan unique to your organization’s expectations and audit timeline.

    We identify specific areas that will require your assistance during the audit.

    We communicate with key stakeholders to lay the groundwork for the audit, and execution of our work according to the mutually developed and approved audit timeline established in Phase 1. Throughout the audit process, we discuss progress with your organization’s management. Through open communication and effective project management, you experience an efficient and effective audit.

    Your Baker Tilly team communicates the results of the audit in our wrap up presentation to your organization’s management team and those charged with governance. Your feedback is solicited at the conclusion of the audit and throughout the year.

    We have worked with Baker Tilly for many years. IntegraCare has a complex ownership structure and many entities that participate in our 401(k) plan. Baker Tilly has always provided the expertise and knowledge on the reporting requirements to the MEP as it relates to our company and the nuances of our plan. Over the years, we have worked with many members of their team. The Baker Tilly team is always professional and available to answer questions as they arise throughout the year.
    Mindy Carrier, director of employee benefits and retention programs, IntegraCare™ Corporation

    Why choose Baker Tilly as your PEP auditor?

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