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Working with stakeholders across the full industry spectrum, including health plans, providers and life sciences companies, Baker Tilly provides companies with a 360-degree landscape perspective to drive value and growth.

Our team works with life sciences companies to develop and execute unique solutions across functional areas that optimize their technology’s value proposition and drive growth.

Our team includes former medical directors, physicians, health economists, epidemiologists, CFOs and medical device and pharma executives who understand the impact of changing market pressures.

Our solutions

At all stages of their business and product lifecycles, life sciences companies are faced with the challenge of achieving optimal market access. Many of these companies have a device, drug or diagnostic that can incrementally add to patients’ quality of life and may also favorably impact providers, payers and employers –  if it is embraced by the stakeholders that fund and deploy the solution. We work with companies to generate and communicate the appropriate level of clinical and economic evidence to facilitate market access and ultimately, a standard-of-care status.

Payer access and coverage are critical to the success and growth of a technology’s market share. Clinical data is often king in building a business case and telling a story, but economic evidence and clinical utility utilizing real world data are becoming more and more crucial to persuading payers to cover medical technologies and pharmaceuticals. Baker Tilly helps companies develop this evidence and value proposition through a combination of Budget Impact Models (BIMs), quality-adjusted life years (QALYs), longitudinal, meta and micro-costing analyses, clinical studies, systematic reviews and clinical and economic dossiers. Additionally, we leverage our relationships with health plans and medical directors to facilitate meaningful dialogues on our clients’ behalf.

Team members have served as lead author or co-author with key opinion-leading clinicians on numerous peer-reviewed health economic publications and regularly speak at healthcare, life sciences and payer industry conferences.


  • Assisting companies outside the U.S. (OUS) with U.S. market entry
  • Clinical and economic dossiers
  • Collecting economic data during clinical trials
  • Economic models
  • Guidance with clinical trials
  • Negotiating risk agreements
  • Payer outreach for coverage and contracts
  • Payer/provider and executive advisory councils
  • Peer-reviewed publications
  • Provider facing economic models
  • Sales team training on effective use of economic dossiers in the field
  • Securing coverage with evidence development
  • Value proposition development

Baker Tilly professionals have been published in peer-reviewed and other medical journals. 

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By the numbers


Baker Tilly serves nearly 400 life sciences companies across the country


Our team has had an impact on more than 10 disease categories over the course of our careers


Baker Tilly has assisted companies in gaining access to more than 100M lives