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Intelligent Automation

Increase productivity, automate manual processes, and improve profitability through intelligent automation solutions.

Intelligent Automation

Baker Tilly couples advanced technologies with extensive process subject matter expertise to design and deploy effective automation solutions that achieve higher rates of success and outcomes related to error and cost reduction.

    Triggers for automation opportunities

    The following are general parameters that provide guidance on where an automation solution can unlock value.

    • Data intensive activities
    • Manual & repetitive in nature
    • Rule-driven activities
    • Manual activity serves as an electronic trigger to the process
    • Process includes electronic start-points and endpoints
    • Activities involve manual calculations
    • High error rates have been observed
    • Sensitive content
    • Activities are required to be performed out of normal office hours
    • Complex IT landscapes that drive manual work around processes

    We can help your organization with a multitude of intelligent automation needs - from basic short term solutions to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    Organizational challenges with automation

    Overcoming ‘automation anxiety’

    • Broad perception of robotics
    • Fear and job uncertainty surrounding automation
    • Lack of case studies to show value

    Fragmented impact

    • Specifying value in only a part of a process
    • Understanding future workflow and handovers due to fragmented impact

    Coping with fast pace of transition

    • Automation can process rapidly from proof of concept to implementation
    • 12 weeks or less typical technology implementation

    Defining evolving responsibilities and accountabilities

    • Knowledge gap where roles change
    • Negotiation local legislative variation
    • Defining accountabilities and responsibilities due to fragmented impact

    Achieving global consistency with tailored local adoption

    • Varied change approach due to varied value or impact
    • Achieving consistent global automation change approach

    Automation allows organizations to optimize decades of system infrastructure and data management complexity. That’s why we believe in order to truly realize the benefits of automation, you must look beyond the specific use case and consider a change management strategy throughout the enterprise. We offer broad automation enabled transformation services with other service lines and functional/industry expertise.