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Finance Digital Transformation

Anticipate and respond to changing business conditions faster than your peers.

Corporate performance management (CPM) creates a competitive advantage for those organizations that adopt it by enabling them to anticipate and respond to changing business conditions faster than their peers.

    Baker Tilly understands how to leverage CPM technologies, enabling organizations greater focus at a strategic, financial, and operational level.

    Corporate performance management (CPM) is a set of processes and related software that supports management excellence. CPM organizations are smart, agile, and aligned.

    Smart organizations recognize that they must rationalize their analytical tools and data management systems to eliminate the noise and provide actionable insights to all the stakeholders of the enterprise.

    Agile organizations are able to detect deviations between plans and execution quickly, find the root causes, and take fast corrective actions. They use best-of-breed technologies that offer advanced integration with operational systems, yet can be used easily with a company’s existing architecture and information technology (IT) investments.

    Aligned organizations address the needs of all stakeholders and share information through integrated systems and processes so that all stakeholders are working from the same set of facts—that is, the same data.

    Baker Tilly can help.

    Our Services

    Corporate performance management (CPM)

    • Planning and budgeting – operational, strategic, financial, workforce and capital
    • Financial close – account reconciliation, consolidation, disclosure and tax reporting
    • Data management – integrations, assurance, governance, master data and data lineage
    • Reporting and analytics – operational, self-service, industry specific

    Financial data and analytics strategy

    • Strategic assessments and roadmaps
    • Finance data and analytics center of excellence
    • User analytics enablement
    • Next generation data warehousing for finance
    • Cloud migration assessments and roadmaps

    Data science and advanced analytics for finance

    • Scalable data science assessments and roadmaps
    • Predictive financial forecasting
    • Driver based predictive forecasting
    • Data enrichment
    • Analytics modernization
    • Machine learning
    • Data virtualization and visualization

    Platform evaluation

    • Stakeholder interviews and workshops
    • Current state and external assessments
    • Establish technology baseline
    • Vendor selection(s)
    • Deployment roadmap
    Baker Tilly Digital
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    Baker Tilly Digital

    We help our clients derive value from data through analytics and technology, whether that be via implementing advanced AI or working to implement basic data processes to get to a “single source of truth,” we understand each client journey is unique.