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Enterprise Solutions Optimization

As enterprise technology and ancillary applications continue to evolve and mature, organizations are having to address how they have chosen to use their ERP solutions.

    Considering the speed at which cloud technology is evolving, organizations often fail to make the necessary progression with their cloud-based solutions to support the organization’s business and growth strategy.

    Is your ERP system not functioning the way you expected it to? Are there unused new features/functionality you already own through new releases that you’re not taking advantage of?

    If you’re frustrated by the way your ERP system is running, we can help optimize your cloud ERP solution. We bring a proven methodology for optimization, discovery and delivery. 

    Software optimization

    Our optimization approach starts with an independent assessment of your ERP system to determine root cause issues (often process and people related), quantify gaps and identify enhancement opportunities, based on leading practices within your industry.

    Discovery workshops are conducted to discuss optimization opportunities. Options such as upgrading existing software, adding new modules, adding best of breed components, and extending the use of existing features to new divisions, location, and lines of business may be considered.

    From that, we develop solutions, priorities and an action plan. And no optimization project is complete without a change management plan to achieve high user adoption of the system, process and behavior changes associated with the optimization efforts.

    Together we’ll develop the infrastructure and tools to manage and enhance you cloud ERP system long-term.

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    The fourth wave of the industrial revolution is here

    Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0 and IIoT are changing everything. Manufacturing is happening through intelligent connectivity between machines and technology, enabling manufacturers to make better, faster decisions, optimize production, and save time and money.