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Data Visualization

Baker Tilly’s data visualization team helps your executive and operational management teams focus on and prioritize potential profit centers within your current business

Baker Tilly’s data visualization professionals are a focused team rooted in strong analytics that help you focus on and prioritize the potential profit centers within your current business to create opportunities for best-in-class company performance.

    Our data visualization services examine the interplay of:

    • Modern analytics tools
    • Metrics and cost accounting
    • Map and model value drivers

    Our goal is the deployment of flexible production resources to help you achieve the best bottom-line results. We can offering you an outsourced approach to your analytics program where we will build, customize, manage and maintain your reports until the time is right for you to bring this in-house and transition it to an internal team.

    Sample dashboard - sales division trends

    Sample dashboard – sales division trends

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    Business intelligence for the future of manufacturing

    Identify the true profitability of products or segments, gain a clear vision of the impact of material price changes, optimize production schedules with by-the-hour throughput monitoring, and more. Together, we help your organization combine performance metrics in a custom dashboard that reveals opportunities.

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