Harness the power of the cloud

Cloud Strategies

Harness the power of the cloud

Cloud is revolutionizing business in ways we couldn’t imagine a few years ago, giving life to new products and services and has become the foundational source for innovation and growth.

    How we can help

    We deliver a comprehensive approach to adopting cloud technologies with:

    • Cloud Vision: Align business objectives and cloud strategy to clearly define your ideal future state.
    • Cloud Design: Evaluate the options available to you for the full range of cloud based solutions (e.g., storage, databases and applications) to deliver a scalable and sustainable cloud ecosystem .
    • Cloud Roadmap: Plan your journey for delivering your future state architecture down to the very last detail.
    • Cloud Deployment and Migration: From building your cloud environments and migrating data from legacy on premise infrastructure to deploying state of the art machine learning models, we work with you to deploy your future state services in the cloud.
    • Cloud Transformation: Identify and address any organizational changes required to fully unleash the power of the cloud.
    • Advanced Data Processing in the Cloud: Building solutions with Hadoop and Apache Spark to allow for faster data processing and real time data streaming.
    • Cloud Analytics: Build-out of analytical workloads in the Cloud including migration of existing non-Cloud analytics platforms or building new intelligence capabilities.