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Oil and gas accounting services

We address the growing demands of oil and gas clients' evolving business and technology needs.

We provide you with dependable, cost-effective solutions to reduce your overhead and effort spent managing day-to-day accounting tasks. Bringing decades of oil and gas industry experience to the table, we work with you to build a fully customized plan to meet your business needs and maximize profits.

    Our solutions

    Why outsource?

    Do what you know best and outsource the rest to our qualified specialists. We have helped our clients through the booms and the busts.

    • Cost savings: Reduce cost by employing partial employees versus full time hires. Reduce overhead such as office space, paid leave or benefits.
    • Labor flexibility and focus on core activity: Increase or decrease personnel depending on your needs. It is our responsibility to hire, train and manage to free you up to focus on your core business.
    • Best practices: We have processes in place that are proven and tested. We will work with you to review and customize implementation details to best suit your needs.
    • Tighter controls: Internal departments and personnel evolve over time and can frequently grow out of control. We have checks and balances for processes such as check writing, division of interest (DOI) maintenance and general ledger (GL) maintenance.
    • Quick start up: You can access your oil and gas accounting software on-line the day you sign and we will be cutting checks and running joint interest billings (JIBs) within days of start up.
    • Technology upgrade: Your critical business data is in a data center that is backed up nightly and offsite, with redundant power and communications. You have access to IT professionals that will help you get and stay operational.
    People, process and technology

    Oil and gas software

    Our approach is simple, we make sure your business gets the job done. Software alone does not make your back-office efficient, you need people who know how to make the software work properly.

    We deploy the people, process, and technology to provide you timely, accurate results. And, we combine leading software with knowledgeable, trained staff to get your work done accurately.

    We use several oil and gas applications as the platform for delivering results, including:

    • WolfePak
    • OGsys
    • Quickbooks
    • Land Administration software (various)
    • Mineral interest and royalty management
    • Field data gathering and morning report
    • Document management software

    Virtual IT department

    Our clients receive unmatched application and back-office services and access to a virtual IT department. Clients do not need to worry about back-ups, network security, systems administrators or other IT demands. The end result is that our clients receive hassle-free results.

    • End-user training online sessions and real time support
    • IT support by remote connection and on-site support where required
    • Data extraction and conversion
    • Custom development and reporting


    Application hosting is secure and redundant as it is built upon Microsoft Azure cloud services and data centers.

    In the current climate, controlling cost and delivering actionable data for both managing production and assessing partnership or transaction options is critical to managing your upstream business. Our oil and gas outsourcing solutions can reduce G&A expenses from 20-50% by leveraging partial FTE experienced resources, systems and automation, combined with less costly but highly trained offshore data entry personnel.
    Tom Black, Principal