Businesses often face opportunities and challenges in their day-to-day activities. When those activities affect the financial position of the company, we provide support in each stage of the transaction from pre-planning to execution.  

    Our solutions

    Throughout the process, we are able to create a foundational relationship in which we are entrusted with helping our clients accomplish their financial goals.

    From pre-planning and execution to post-transaction requirements, our team provides specialization for these business events that are not part of your everyday activities. There are many opportunities within a business that require navigating a complex transaction, including:

    • Acquiring a business or property
    • Building a new facility/property
    • Rehabilitating an existing facility
    • Consolidating operations
    • Diversifying a business
    • Expanding workforce, equipment or facilities
    • Infusing capital
    • Selling or divesting a business or property
    • Ownership transitions
    • Restructuring debt
    • Taking the business public

    We work with you to identify and execute the critical success factors of a transaction to meet your business goals. With specialists in mergers, acquisitions, project finance, due diligence, valuation, capital sourcing, corporate finance, capital markets, and incentives advisory, we help you navigate those unique business events that arise as your business changes.