When our clients operate and invest internationally, they not only create unique opportunities for growth, but also expose themselves to increased IRS and international tax scrutiny.

Our in-house international tax specialists can address our clients’ needs as they expand their global reach, including designing tax-optimal trade flow structures, assisting in global transfer pricing strategy, and managing tax controversies, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance for offshore investments.

We also understand the respective tax obligations of cross-border employers and employees. We work with our clients to ensure they stay tax compliant and avoid potential liabilities wherever in the world they need to be.

In addition to our in-house international tax specialists, we leverage our Baker Tilly International global network to meet your worldwide planning and compliance needs.


Baker Tilly International Launches Tax Mapp, Its First Mobile Application

Available on both IOS and Android, the free application allows users to keep up-to-date with the latest tax news through weekly insight articles from International Tax Review and TP Week on key tax matters, as well as access comprehensive tax guides covering 150 countries.

International tax reform on the horizon

International tax reform on the horizon

U.S. tax reform is likely to address business challenges associated with corporate inversions and the worldwide tax system. Baker Tilly international tax specialists recently presented on possible international components of tax reform and the timing of such reform.

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